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Awareness Through Movement + Strengthening & Softening Workshops

Awareness Through Movement

  Awareness Through Movement (ATM) are verbally instructed movement lessons. Students have time exploring  movement relationships without copying the teacher but focusing on mindful listening and sensory distinctions.

The awareness of how one moves is the key to develop  more range of movement and allowing to move more freely. 

Moshe Feldenkrais often highlighted that if we are in good (movement) organisation we need the least amount of energy.

Strengthening & Softening

This is a very special movement series I have been taught by Jeremy Krauss,

It involves a step by step movement program which is performed only in standing. 

Although it incorporates many of the same principles as in the Feldenkrais Method it is taught differently. Where in a typical Feldenkrais class the aim is to lower the muscle tone to help to develop a stronger sensory experience to enhance the range of movement in Strengthening & Softening there is a balance between building up musculature and clarifying relationships of different body parts. The series is challenging in a different way and is more fitness oriented. It is a wonderful way to apply the Feldenkrais Method to move towards strength and fitness.


Next Saturday Workshops

Now there is a summer break. 

see you in September


The Urdang Academy

Studio A

259-263 Goswell Road

London EC1V 7AH

nearest Underground station is Angel


Price £22,-

(concessions available)


Please bring your own mat or blanket

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