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Clients and students are saying

Feldenkrais sessions with Rainer Knupp, for me, are surprising, energising and enabling. And very enjoyable!

Every session feels different and new, as Rainer is immensely creative and intuitive about what I need, and at the same time he connects themes and exercises over longer time frames to achieve sustainable healing changes.


Public health scientist, London,

and passionate about dancing

(despite orthopaedic issues since childhood)

Rainer has a wonderful voice for Feldenkrais. The instructions are clearly expressed, and with a calm and patient delivery as well as a sense of humour that helps me to maintain focus.

Rainer’s interest and excitement at the discoveries his students make, feels genuine and is infectious.

I recently experienced a series of F.I. sessions with Rainer to treat a stiff and painful shoulder before a horseback riding holiday. These were fascinating and enjoyable as well as amazingly effective. I recommend Rainer Knupp in particular for his professional yet approachable manner and expertise.