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Individual Lessons - Functional Integration

Individual Lessons, Moshe Feldenkrais called Functional Integration,  have a greater impact as they are designed more specifically towards the client's needs and as the practitioner, I use my hands to inform more directly. At the same time the sessions, fully clothed, are gentle and non-invasive, allowing the nervous system to completely calm down.   

 Depending on the specifics determines the length of time and amount of lessons the client needs to come to a completion. Sometimes a specific goal is reached within a few weeks, sometimes clients stay for longer periods as the learning is so rich or the changes the client wants to need more time.

  The learning is through movement exploration enabling the client to learn new ways of moving, increasing movement range, flexibility, endurance, and strength. 

Price per (1hr) lesson: £68,- (concessions available), Functional Integration takes place at:

Health in the City 65 London Wall London EC2M 5TU located opposite Finsbury Circus between Liverpool Street Station and Moorgate Station

By appointment only, 24-hour cancellation policy

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