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'My sessions with Rainer have been incredibly beneficial. Rainer is very sensitive, perceptive and creates a comfortable environment for learning to take place. From our sessions, I have gained substantially more awareness of myself which has been an essential component to recovering from a longstanding knee injury. The movement patterns I’ve been ​taught are also a lot of fun to explore at home. I would highly recommend him!'

Dilan Neumann


Individual Lessons do have a greater impact as they are designed more specifically towards the client's needs and wishes.

I am asking the client to do specific movements to help understand the body's preferences and limitations.

For the main part of the lesson, I bring movement through my hands gently and with clear information. This way, the client has a chance to allow new ways of movement and can let go of unnecessary tension and holding.

Client's say that the lessons are very calming and relaxing and can prove to have a very powerful effect even much later.

Feldenkrais lessons can have a wide range of benefits, reaching from less pain and more comfort to improving physical and mental skills.

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Price per (1hr) lesson: £70,- (concessions available)

Individual Lesson take place at:

Health in the City 65 London Wall London EC2M 5TU located opposite Finsbury Circus between Liverpool Street Station and Moorgate Station


Complementary Health Centre, Lee, 174 Manor Lane, SE12 8LP

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24-hour cancellation policy

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