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Complementary Health Centre

174 Manor Lane

London SE12 8LP

Every Thursday 10 - 11 am


Online classes/Zoom

Mondays  6.15 - 7.30 pm

£12,- per class

How do classes work?

Feldenkrais group classes are verbally instructed movement lessons in which the student is given time to explore movement to improve coordination.

These classes are called 'Awareness Through Movement'.

 The classes are structured in such a way that the student can develop more complex movements without unnecessary tension.

The focus is on the quality of movement and free breathing.

Reoccurring pains, stiffness and not feeling comfortable in one's body equals to limitation of movement and lack of freedom of moving the body. Awareness Through Movement brings more possibilities of movement and balances body and mind.     

It can concretely help with walking, running, bending, twisting as well as with particular skills like sports, dancing, singing and acting etc…

See links below for videos of impressions of Feldenkrais and Awareness Through Movement:

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