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          Awareness Through Movement

Awareness Through Movement Classes

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Live Classes in Lewisham

Thursdays 10 - 11 am


Online classes

Mondays  6.15 - 7.30 pm

£12,- per class

You just need some space on the floor at home and a blanket or a mat to lie on.

How do classes work?

I am running Feldenkrais classes in Lewisham and Online through Zoom.

Feldenkrais group classes are verbally instructed movement lessons in which the student is given time to explore movement to improve coordination.

These classes are called Awareness Through Movement, they are stuctured in such a way that the student can develop more complex movements without unnecessary tension.

The focus is on the quality of movement and free breathing. To develop more awareness in movement has the power to change habitual patterns and learn to move  with efficiency and more freedom.  

Awareness Through Movment classes can concretely help with walking, running, bending, twisting as well as in particular skills like sports, dancing , singing and acting.

This 3 minute video gives an example of an Awareness Through Movement class and the relationship of Feldenkrais to every day life movement and how babies develop movement.