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I am practising in the city of London UK, in Lewisham and online.

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My name is Rainer, I am originally from Munich, Germany, and live in London for 20 years. I am running a Feldenkrais practice in the city of London and in Lewisham since 2008.

Still dancing passionately today I have worked professionally as a dancer full time for many years. Feldenkrais has helped me so much to experience the body's potential to dynamic movement and using the body in a much more refined way.

Speaking of passion, I love to sing as well. I am singing since many years in the classical voice terrain. Improving mobility clarifies so much about good posture which makes singers happy as well.

The Feldenkrais Method and other somatic methods supporting my life professionally as well as on a personal level. Discovering new elements about the body and movement never stops to be interesting to me.

Besides my Feldenkrais practice I am facilitating community groups in London in which I am able to fuse my dance, theatre, voice, somatic and teaching knowledge.

I love to work creatively, particularly in settings where the creative arts seems to be having a direct impact to everyone included... lots of it involves having fun and trying new things.

In my spare time I love to be in nature, getting out of London to its beautiful surroundings.

I am a fully accredited member of the UK Feldenkrais Guild

having completed the Amsterdam International Feldenkrais Teacher Training in 2008.