Movement is Life ...

Improving the quality of your movement improves your life in general ... M. Feldenkrais

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'If you want some magic in your life go and see Rainer and start exploring the wond​er of Feldenkrais practice. Believe it or not but 3 private lessons brought me closer to where I want to be with my voice than 30 years of singing lessons. How can we think it´s possible to build an efficient and comfortable vocal instrument without the knowledge and ability to make our body work as one unit? A unit where every single part of the body is interacting and connecting with the rest. With gentleness and compassion Rainer guides you towards a liberated and genuine voice.'

Ulrika Karlsson

  Students say...


   .. put myself in touch with my body

   .. set myself up physically for the week ahead

   .. teaches me a different and useful way to relax

   .. releases unnecessary tension in the muscles

   .. gives me a break from the busyness of thinking and doing

   .. helps with everyday sitting, standing, walking, yoga and running

   .. give me a feeling of being more present or at ease mentally, as well as physically